I couldn’t of done this without you, now I am doing this for you…

I’ve been dreading this post. Literally, dreading this post. 

On Monday  February 24, 2014 Heaven gained another angel. Meredith Legg Stapleton lost her battle with OM. I mentioned Meredith earlier in my blog. We went to the same high school and had the same doctors. Only after a few days of me being diagnosed I was introduced to her through a mutual friend and she told me her story, we ended having the same procedure (radiation plaque) a few weeks of my eye healing I was able to meet her, we went to lunch and instantly hit it off. I don’t know if it was just because we had so much in common, and strange similarities in life, as well as with our tumors. She was just an awesome friend to have almost like a guide through my first eight months, interpreting the results for me and explaining what was happening with her battle and what was next for mine. She encouraged that I’ll find a guy who will adore me cancer or not, yes that is still a big concern.  But anywho she told me about her and her husband Chris’s amazing love story and their wedding. She really did give me hope on so many different subjects. I was devastated when I heard her time was coming to an end, I tried to see her one last time but somethings just are not meant to be. However, I was able to say my goodbye to her today at her memorial service and was able to meet her mother and husband. Although I hate the situation I am so happy she is out of pain. I know she is up in heaven shooting free-throws with some amazing people, especially her best friend Chris Bivins. Whose sister introduced me to Meredith, lucky me for a small world. 

Meredith’s main goal was to bring awareness to OM, I will continue to bring awareness for her and I will beat this for her and everybody else who has loss their battle. Cancer does not know what it’s messing with, obviously it’s never met the Princess Cupcakes with her guardian angel Meredith. Bring it on. WE got this


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