Health first, as always

So I havent been posting. Its been crazy with school and I have had to put my health first. Everything is fine. Still NED.  Just battling a bunch of different kinds of sickness, strep throat, tonsillitis, ear infections all the works. I have also been battling some mental health issues and I feel like I am stable enough to post about it. I was in a really dark place and hard to find motivation to continue. My grades started dropping because I honestly thought there’s no point because the stats are so high for spreading. I just lost all hope and saw no light at the end of the tunnel. BUT I am doing so much better now. Ive been in therapy and was prescribed some medicine, my roommates can tell a difference and I am actually getting out of bed. Even going out on the weekends. I am so relieved that I will actually be able to go home over summer break for a month and just relax. And my motivation is walking across that stage next spring, cancer free. Finals week is so much more relaxed for me this year and I haven’t been procrastinating on work, which truly has paid off.

Wooohooo! Cupcake over and out!


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