5 Year Mile Marker!

Today marks 5 years! In my five-year treatment program since being diagnosed July 1, 2013 with ocular melanoma. I’ve now reached the five-year mark, and my oncologist has declared me cancer-free!

And now I start to adjust.. I release all the anxiety, stress, anger, and depression that has been carried around for the past 5 years. However, whenever I was first diagnosed all I wanted was to have my “normal” life back. I need to make it clear that having our old life is not always possible and I need to adapt … so I am considering this new lease on life an opportunity to recreate a new, exciting life after cancer.
• • • Thank you Caitlyn 
for my shirt 💙🖤💙• • •

#TheNextChapter #OfficiallyCancerFree #OcularMelanoma




2 thoughts on “5 Year Mile Marker!

  1. Olga Sha says:

    Congratulations! That’s really some awesome news! 🙂

    I was diagnosed with melanoma in May 2013, and in January 2016 it came back in an advanced stage. Now beeing in a “yellow zone”, and looking forward to my remission!

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