Chapter 2

It took 5 years for me to become cancer free. However, it only took 5 months after that to learn that my cancer is possibly back. On November 29th I learned that my MRI showed a few lesions on my liver. It’s still so strange. In July I thought I closed this chapter of my life. I didn’t realize the sequel was being written… as I sit in Philadelphia anxiously waiting to see my oncologist in the morning for a biopsy, test, and discuss treatment options. I’ve decided to continue my blog.. so coming soon to your mobile device Cupcake v Cancer, chapter 2. Come read the highs, lows, and comedies in between! This blog will be featuring how I will manage my treatments, teaching, and traveling in between.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. Mike Busch says:

    Mine was discovered in late 2012. Had plaque surgery in 2012 and my tumor was now getting smaller because the radiation that had killed it. My tumor was 11mm to start now it sits a 3.2 mm.
    November of 17 an MRI should a tumor on my liver.This year between the end of April and the first week in November, I have been to Sloan Kettering 27 times. That for me is a 2 hours car ride, then a 2 hour 40 min train ride each way, the taxi rides between appointments and the train station. In May I started with Chemo pills, after 4 months they did not work, I have had one embolization, and will go back to Sloan in Feb for another CT Scan. They will set up another procedure for the other lob in the liver.
    Many of the things you say here are so true. This is a nasty statement, but unless you have faced what we are facing, don’t tell me how to act. With that said, I am now 65 and was diagnosed at 60. You are 25, according to all stats you are to young, I’m sure it’s hard for you to hear.
    When I first found out about this, I read everything published on this type of cancer. My Doctor at Sloan was world renown. He moved on to another hospital to teach, but my present Doctor for my eye worked with Dr. Marr and she is more than qualified.
    You said that you moved to North Carolina, I assume you lived near Huntersville. In 2014 I wrote the Governor of North Carolina imploring him to make the NC Dept. of Health from waiting a year to study this cluster of 8 at the time. Now it is over 20 so do you think they waited to long.
    I live in a town of 14,000 in upstate New York. I know personally 5 other people other than myself that has this nasty cancer.
    Best of Luck to you as you start this next chapter. I will be following this blog, it is so nice to hear from people that are inflicted with the same cancer I have.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Dearest Summer,
    You were diagnosed only months before my daughter and you are the same age, so whenever your name has popped up in the OM Facebook groups, I have been particularly eager to know how you are doing. To hear that your cancer has spread makes me so utterly sad for you and your family. I don’t normally pray – us Swedes are generally not very religious – but now I pray for you and for cancer yo leave you alone as soon as possible. I also hope that all the promising new research will benefit you especially. Hoping for all good things to come to you.
    Elisabeth – Susannas mum

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