Travel Buddies, 2019 Goals, and updates

Hi awesome readers! I hope you had an amazing New Years! I hate to brag… BUT I had an ✨INCREDIBLE New Years! ✨I was able to cross off one of my top things on my bucket list! My best friend and I went to Disney’s Epcot to bring in the New Year’s!! I urge everybody to go at least once in their life! It was a blessing to go witness this amazing event. We started the day by relaxing by the pool, enjoying the 80-degree weather. ☀️ We grabbed some lunch before heading to the park. The park was so much and we met some great people! While waiting for our table at dinner in Japan, we started planning a trip back to explore more parks! The firework show was breathtaking. It was amazing how memorized the entire park was, pure silence. It was a wonderful experience! We are pondering about Cancun or San Francisco next year for 2020. Comment below your favorite places!

🧐🤔😇 Now let’s reflect on 2018 and my goals for 2019…

2018 taught me that life can be kind. That it isn’t something I have to outsmart, that it isn’t something I have to control at all times. It taught me that life can be soft, even when it is not, even when it’s edges are rough and it’s messy all over — it can still hold a lesson, can still grow me from the inside. See, last year taught me that life doesn’t always have to be cruel, that circumstance can kick you down, but it can never hold you down if you choose to rise.

2019 I am choosing to rise and soar. 💫🎉

💥💥My new year resolution are :

🔸Travel More

🔹Stress Less

🔸Volunteer Often

🔹 No Red Meat

🔸 Less Sugar

🔹Wake up with a purpose

🔸Live, Enjoy, and Love each day I am given

💉💊🧬 Many of you have been asking when I start my weekly treatment at Duke.. I don’t have an exact date yet. I know have to have another set of MRIs to see if my five little tumors are big enough. I also have to do more blood work. Hopefully, we can start in the next couple of weeks! I will keep y’all updated on the details.

💗💗I would like to thank everyone for the constant love and support. All the gift cards are being saved. My family and I will use them on our rough days during treatment, and to help us travel to and from Durham. Whoever thought of gas and UberEats gift cards deserves a double high five! ✋🏻🤚🏻


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