A little about me!

I am 24 years old and battling Ocular Melanoma. This is a rare form of Eye Cancer. I was diagnosed on 07/01/2013.
I am a junior in college studying elementary education! I used to compete in pageants! I had no symptoms of my cancer just gradual loss of vision. Pink is my favorite color and my nickname is “Barbie” and “Princess Cupcakes”. I literally have the best support system with my friends and amazing family.
I make cancer look good 😉


3 thoughts on “A little about me!

  1. Hi Summer,

    We’d love to feature your blog over here at A Cure In Sight (www.acureinsisght.net). We work closely with Ocular Melanoma Foundation (OMF) (www.ocularmelanoma.org) in Washington, DC to promote OM awareness and research funding!

    You are beautiful, amazing and courageous! Please visit our site and our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ACureInSight. You will find our OM community very supportive. Most of us (Melody & I were both dx’d in 2010) are journeying along the way too.

    We’re sending our love, prayers, and special positive thoughts your way for healing and health! We are here for you!

    Tania & Melody from A Cure In Sight

    • Hi Tania, I would love it if you did feature my blog on the site! Anything to help bring awareness! Let me know if y’all need or want do anything else! Thank you for the opportunity!

      Summer Heath

  2. Awesome Summer! Thank you. We will post your blog link at http://www.acureinsight.net. We are also working on an OM information/awareness video featuring patients of all ages. We’d love for you to be involved. We’d also love it if you would e-mail us your e-mail addy via http://www.acureinsight.net (don’t want to post here with all the crazy spammers out there lol). We look forward to keeping in touch!

    Sending happiness & health! Tania & Melody from A Cure In Sight

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