Huntersville, North Carolina Ocular Melanoma Cancer Cluster

Since my diagnosis in July of 2013 we’ve had a strange hunch that there may be potential cluster in Huntersville. The day after my diagnosis my family and I learned that there was not one, but two other young women who attended my high school who were diagnosed with OM. I remember thinking, the doctors saying “This is a rare case because your 19..” and “This happens to 6 out of a million a year.” so if it is so rare, then why are there more and who attended my high school? This when we all started pushing the thought of a cluster and investigation needed. Well a year and a few months later the numbers have kept growing, we are at a total of 6 now and that’s just who we know of and have agreed to speak with us. Really? All 6 of the people who get this are from the same town and have a relation to our high school, huh that’s not strange or anything, right?! (Sarcasm) Not only are the numbers scary,we have lost the two beautiful women who attended high school with me. Watching their families with the loss and feeling my own pain as well as so many lives they touched, this has done nothing but encourage to further an investigation. We are begging for any fighters, survivors, or family of OM’ers who have lived in Huntersville, NC to contact me. I will keep everything private but if there are more out there the more pressure we out on researchers to find a cause which may help find a cure.

Best of luck,
Summer Heath


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