Huntersville, North Carolina Ocular Melanoma Cancer Cluster

Since my diagnosis in July of 2013 we’ve had a strange hunch that there may be potential cluster in Huntersville. The day after my diagnosis my family and I learned that there was not one, but two other young women who attended my high school who were diagnosed with OM. I remember thinking, the doctors saying “This is a rare case because your 19..” and “This happens to 6 out of a million a year.” so if it is so rare, then why are there more and who attended my high school? This when we all started pushing the thought of a cluster and investigation needed. Well a year and a few months later the numbers have kept growing, we are at a total of 6 now and that’s just who we know of and have agreed to speak with us. Really? All 6 of the people who get this are from the same town and have a relation to our high school, huh that’s not strange or anything, right?! (Sarcasm) Not only are the numbers scary,we have lost the two beautiful women who attended high school with me. Watching their families with the loss and feeling my own pain as well as so many lives they touched, this has done nothing but encourage to further an investigation. We are begging for any fighters, survivors, or family of OM’ers who have lived in Huntersville, NC to contact me. I will keep everything private but if there are more out there the more pressure we out on researchers to find a cause which may help find a cure.

Best of luck,
Summer Heath


6 thoughts on “Huntersville, North Carolina Ocular Melanoma Cancer Cluster

  1. susan clark says:

    Hello,I’ve been keeping Up with this story as well. I lost my father 73yrs old to OM in 2011. I was also told by doctors its very rare. Just curious, because this can be caused by uv light. Dad was in the navy,exposed to radar in airplane tower. Tanning beds involved? Such a mystery!! Prayers for them all!

  2. Karen Reed says:

    I would like to meet with you and help you! My name is Karen of Karen’s Cure. .. paying it Forward. I have a non profit organization to help others with cancer, that may not have insurance and needs help with medical or personal expenses. I’m hosting a benefit August 22nd. If there’s anything I can do to help educate and raise awareness, I’m there! Please contact me! Together we’ll all fight this horrible disease!

  3. Patricia (Missy) Davis says:

    I was diagnosed and treated with OM shortly after i moved away from huntersville back in 2003 a dear friend i lost contact with a few years ago has been looking for me to inform me that i may be part of this also,iv spokin with your mom and an eye dr from huntersville that your mom had contact me n he feels there is a good chance this is where my cancer came from too,my heart goes out to you and all the familys that may have been affected,im still quite shocked by it all n takinig it in slowly i pray all our questions will be answered n id like to say this made right but children died and peoples lives were drastically altered and they cant give back what we lost,so with that being said i pray our questions be answered and justice be done so whoever did this can stop poisoning people.

  4. Patti Jones says:

    Hi! My name is Patti Jones. I too have/had Ocular Melanoma, but I am from Union County. I just saw on the news that there is going to be a meeting with the cluster patients and families on Monday in Huntersville. I didn’t catch the place or location. Do you know? I’d love to hear what the findings are. Thanks for any info! I hope you are doing well! Patti

  5. Jim says:

    Hello Cupcake my name is Jim.

    I am sorry to read this story about the cancer cluster at Auburn University and Huntersville NC. By chance I heard an interview on the radio.
    At this point I request privacy but I will share my information as needed if needed.
    Until 2007 I had lived in the mount Holly – Huntersville NC area for about 10 years. I have a spot on my eye that has been under medical observation for five years but the past two years by the University of Miami Buncom eye institute and they accurately measured the spot for growth. I have a follow up visit in late June -as for my previous appointments they did not think it was cancer but…..I hope and pray for the best for all of us. I am terribly sorry to hear of the loss of your friends.

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