Readers Suggestions..

Hi guys I am looking for tips and suggestions of items that y’all wish you had while you were having chemotherapy or radiation as well gifts you were tired of receiving. I have some ideas up my sleeves and need good suggestions.  This can also be for caregivers, what would you of liked to receive or help the process, as well as for me to know to help future patients. Please feel free to email any ideas to


Clear scans.. check!

Yesterday’s appointment with Dr. Sato went great! He said all my scans looked good and there was NED. Which will give me relief until the next time I see him (September). I meant to post this yesterday, however as soon as we left Jefferson we headed to North Carolina, in the car from 3 pm to 230 am. We were all exhausted and ready for bed. Luckily in moms rental car there’s a DVD player so we would stop at redbox and I would get movies. I definitely recommend Prisoners and Side Effects, Turbo wasn’t bad either. Watching movies helped the trip go by quicker especially when they were great movies. I’ve spent all today just vegging out. I feel like I have travel lag, I just continued to watch movies all day with my brother and sleep. I just feel so drained, but I am sure everybody does after being a car for 24 hours with 48 hours. Tomorrow mom and I are going to get massages wohooo!! My back and neck have been killing me, not sure if its stress or maybe a strain, but what I do know is tomorrow should be a great day massage then shopping! Maybe find a dress for my sorority’s installation banquet in two weeks. Any excuse to dress up, I am there!
I really am thankful for all the support I got while traveling up to Philly and hearing the results of my clear scans. I feel like with all the kind words of encouragement and all their prayers, gives me the motivation to continue on the fight stronger than ever as well as bring awareness any chance possible. Luckily all this support has led me to great opportunities to bring more awareness to OM that I wouldn’t hadn’t had the chance to do before. Keep the inspiration coming and I will keep fighting for all, this fight is so much bigger than just my battle. It’s for all those who couldn’t finish because it was time to go home, sweet home. 

1 down 1 to go

So we just left Dr. Shields. Good news from the visit the tumor has shrunk from 6×5 mm to 5×5 mm. And the eye looks great inside and out. Surprisingly we  were in and out in about 2 1/2 hours, for readers who have not been to shields that is like drive thru service. I have waited in that office from 6am to 6pm  along with 50 other patients and their families. Now were grabbing lunch at the dinner across from Jefferson Oncology. Trying to get squeezed in before our 4 appointment so we can hit the road before the snow starts again. Fingers crossed, hopefully that’ll happen! I will follow up this post with Dr. Sato’s  report.

Here’s a lovely picture of my eye as of today. The yellow dots are from the laser treatment, gray blob is still the tumor, just smaller. 🙂


On the road again.. well almost!

Tomorrow morning, bright and early we are leaving to head up to Philadelphia to have my appointments with Dr. Sato and Dr. Shields. As well as get my results back from my scans on Valentines Day. Hopefully it will be clear and NED. The nerves haven’t really kicked in yet probably wont till tomorrow night. Ahhh this should be fun without my anxiety pills. It should be an interesting journey up there, mom rented a nice mini van so I will actually be able to stretch out. But if everybody could say a extra prayer for safe travels, I looked up the weather and it looked as if there’s a winter storm coming through. We changed our hotel just in case we can’t drive we are still able to walk to the appointments. I really hope it doesn’t snow. I hate snow and being cold. Well it should be a nice 6 am wake up call so I should head to bed. I will post an update tomorrow. Until then!!



I couldn’t of done this without you, now I am doing this for you…

I’ve been dreading this post. Literally, dreading this post. 

On Monday  February 24, 2014 Heaven gained another angel. Meredith Legg Stapleton lost her battle with OM. I mentioned Meredith earlier in my blog. We went to the same high school and had the same doctors. Only after a few days of me being diagnosed I was introduced to her through a mutual friend and she told me her story, we ended having the same procedure (radiation plaque) a few weeks of my eye healing I was able to meet her, we went to lunch and instantly hit it off. I don’t know if it was just because we had so much in common, and strange similarities in life, as well as with our tumors. She was just an awesome friend to have almost like a guide through my first eight months, interpreting the results for me and explaining what was happening with her battle and what was next for mine. She encouraged that I’ll find a guy who will adore me cancer or not, yes that is still a big concern.  But anywho she told me about her and her husband Chris’s amazing love story and their wedding. She really did give me hope on so many different subjects. I was devastated when I heard her time was coming to an end, I tried to see her one last time but somethings just are not meant to be. However, I was able to say my goodbye to her today at her memorial service and was able to meet her mother and husband. Although I hate the situation I am so happy she is out of pain. I know she is up in heaven shooting free-throws with some amazing people, especially her best friend Chris Bivins. Whose sister introduced me to Meredith, lucky me for a small world. 

Meredith’s main goal was to bring awareness to OM, I will continue to bring awareness for her and I will beat this for her and everybody else who has loss their battle. Cancer does not know what it’s messing with, obviously it’s never met the Princess Cupcakes with her guardian angel Meredith. Bring it on. WE got this


Snow blizzard in the South

So we have a nice mini little blizzard going on in North Carolina, well for the south this a blizzard to us. Luckily I left school yesterday to come back for my scans on Friday. When I left school we had an inch or two. Now I hear there’s at least 6 inches and the power keeps going out. Glad to say that I can home to my mama just in time for the storm to hit here. Hopefully I’ll still be able to make it to my scans on Friday and maybe even get a little bit of shopping in. But for now I am going to enjoy movies, homework, and my mamas cooking. To everybody who is facing this winter storm stay safe and stay warm.




Seven month cancerversary :)

Seven months after my radiation plaque treatment my eye looks normal again, and my life is somewhat normal again. I appreciate everything so much more and being a college student my perspective totally changed. My goal isn’t to go out and have fun ( I occasionally do, I am not always a hermit) with my time left yet in school but instead to make straight A’s because I’ve never done that,ever. And to be able to graduate on time and with honors, being the first person ever in my family to attend college. I HAVE to finish it. Right now I think I am fine. It feels like everyday something hurts but I am still breathing so I don’t mind. I have scans every 3-6 months because I am a high risk of spread, especially to my liver. So I am doing everything I can do to keep my body healthy. However, I feel like something always comes up a cough, an ache, or one of my famous migraines. Its weird to say this because I am sure a lot of people won’t understand but I feel like god gave me this for a reason. He knew I was strong enough to handle, he knew I would bring awareness and make an impact on peoples life. He knew I needed a reality check, so he gave me one. I am thankful for it, and ready to face what ever comes my way.