Ready for Philly!

So after packing as much as I could without “over packing” I am finally done! I always over pack just because I never know what to prepare for.. And for everyone who knows me personally, don’t worry my heating blanket is packed! 🙂 I love being hot! But its been a pretty good day.. We stumbled upon a girl with a blog just like mine! She has the same cancer and from the same area! Its weird how similar ours are! We were blessed to receive a giant care package today from one of my mothers friends.. Literally insane all the goodies that was in there I was mind boggled for about a hour! I am so blessed to have such great people in my life.. This will be a short post, just wanted to give a little update. We will be gone for Philly by 8 am ish? And its about a 10 hour car ride so I rented movies on my kindle to watch.. I am a little anxious.. Curious to see how everything will play out.. But I still have a lot of faith that everything will happen as it should:) I am not doubting the plan that’s stored for me!


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